walk on yeonji by

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                                                                                                                         Walk On Yeonji By (2016) Installation & Live Performance, at A.P.T LIVE, London

In Walk On Yeonji By (2016), I chose the1960’s popular song Walk On By (famously sung by Dionne Warwick). I learned it in a short period of time, and played it on the piano repeatedly for three days’ live performance at A.P.T LIVE 2016.

The location for this performance was a crooked, sloping passage that connects the APT gallery to a yard where other performances and events took place. So many people had to continuously ‘pass by’ throughout the performance.

As in my previous work My Yeonji Way (2016) when the lawn was mowed into a ‘way’, the sounds of this song created a route across and out of the gallery.

The viewers could hear the song as soon as they entered, and it echoed around and through the building (it was ‘Open Studios’). Once out in the yard you came up against a big red cloth installation which matched my ‘Yeonji’ costume.

Here, unlike My Yeonji Way (2016), or Yeonji (2013), my face is not hidden.