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Ta-iL 16a copy-2

Ta-iL16 (Cheongwa, 2012), printing ink on paper, 30 x 320 cm  



I wanted to render these modular Ta-iL forms as linocuts but while carving the forms in the blue lino I was drawn away from printmaking to work with the properties of the material itself. I also applied the printing ink directly onto paper with brush.

The vivid blue may seem reminiscent of Yves Klein, but ‘Cheongwa’ (meaning ‘ blue roof tile’ in Korean) inevitably references Cheongwasdae (Blue House) the palace where Korean presidents stay during their time in power.

Ta-iL16e-1    6.Ta-iL16(Cheong-wa)태형-2

Ta-iL16 , installation views, Korean Cultural Centre, London, 2012 (below two photos © Taehyung Kim)