noon shadow

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Noon Shadow I (2014), emulsion & lime wash on wood, 64 (h) x 82 (w) x 133 (d) cm


During a stay in Korea in 2014 I was invited at short notice to the brand new Artspace gallery (in the Tea Museum) to set up a solo exhibition.

I selected some unused wooden panels from the ongoing construction site. It was a bright and sunny autumn day and just passing noon. As I sanded off the wood I saw shadows from the neighbouring building’s formidable traditional Korean roof falling on to the wooden surfaces. I traced and painted the shadows as fast as I could, capturing the moment of noon.


noon shadow II      badatm_2014_10_12_04002a-1ss

photos directly above © David Kilburn
noon shadow iV          noon shadow
    Noon Shadow, installation view, Artspace, Seoul, Korea, 2014