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23 Oct – 23 Dec 2014
 by MultipleSpacings  

BADA SONG is a Korean artist based in London, UK. She makes minimal works that subtly unfold references to Korean traditions as they undergo rapid modernization. A long running series of drawings by the artist refers to traditional tiled roofs now giving way to generic towering apartment blocks in megacities like Seoul. For Song the tile is further symbolic of human vulnerability and the need for shelter. The tile thus becomes subtly suggestive of a yearning for a Korean mother or homeland. In the video that gives its title to this show the artist is seen striving to connect with or return to Korea, mother, home and tradition but caught-up in a noisy dialogue with new technologies as they change our sense of place, distance and belonging. Sound also features in sculptural works by Song and this video’s performative element is typical of a tendency in her work to appear within her images or intervene within the gallery space.

 from: MultipleSpacings, PROGR – Zentrum fur Kulturproduktion, Waisenhausplatz 30, 3001, Bern