male & female tile set

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female&male tiles

tile module (female & male) sets ( x 58) (2007/ 2012), approx. 295 x 260 x 50 mm (female), approx. 120 x 250 x 80 mm (male)


These modular tile sets were originally produced in 2006 for the Chi-Bung (2007) installation, and cast directly from an original and traditional Korean roof tile set.

I have since re-evaluated the individual ’tiles’, and later developed the theme  into my Ta -iL concept. In 2012 I wilfully destroyed three quarters of the total number of  modules, then signed on the back of each of the 58 sets that I kept.  



chi-bung(detail)                   original tile set

detail view of Chi-Bung (2007) installation
historical Korean roof tile set (Kiwatjang) imported from Korea