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Yeonji-Garigae (2013), object & performance, cloth: approx. 4m diameter


Yeonji-Garigae (2013) is a live performance where I sing Bongsunwha, an emotional & political song which was banned during the Japanese occupation in Korea before 1945. The performance takes about nine minutes, and while singing my body makes various sculptural forms.  

To make the object with which I perform, I collected left-over reddish cloths on which I traced the line of circular domestic objects before cutting them into different sized circles and sewing them together into a singular textile.


Yeonji-Garigea2   Yeonji-Garigea3

Yeonji-Garigea4              Yeonji-Garigea3

Yeonji-Garigae, live performance views, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha (1951-82): a portrait in fragments, KCCUK, London, 2013
(photo © KCCUK)