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     Chi-Bung (2007, detail) 255 x 420 x 415 cm, newspaper, walking sticks, rubber bands.


Prior to this site-specific installation, Chi-Bung (2007), I cast hundreds of pairs of ‘male’ and ‘female’ tiles in newspaper, using traditional Korean roof tiles as my moulds. For their installation as a sheltering roof I located 26 old walking sticks from flea markets in South London. I also utilised hundreds of red post office rubber bands.

I conceived the idea of making a roof as an installation at the point of making the print work titled Roof (2006). I wanted to express further the feeling of a roof almost floating in the air. Though the installation idea had to adapt to the realities of weight, gravity and materials it nevertheless became a shelter used by people passing through and spending time in this semi-public space. 


chi-bung (detail)3

        Chi-Bung (detail)


                      Chi-Bung, installation view, Camberwell Space, London, 2007
Thanks to to the kind support from Henkel Consumer Adhesives company, and to the Royal Mail sorting office in Camberwell, London SE5.