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Match (2010) pencil on paper, 392 x 250 cm


During a few months in 2010 I produced 140 drawings of sticks. I set up a drawing board at home and every day went out to pick up a stick in the park adjacent to my back yard.

That year was unusually hot and dry and many (3,000 I was told ) trees were being  destroyed to introduce a newly planned and schematised park. I noticed that sticks were everywhere in the park.

Match (2010) also shows my strong interest at that time in what I called ‘blubbyness’(sic) i.e. the way in which I like to explore small variations in a series of similar modules (just as we are really always different from any generalising – e.g. gendered or national – term that is applied to us.)


Match install    Match detail

Match, installation view and detail, KCCUK, 2010